Miguel Rodríguez Sánchez

Born in Monforte de Lemos, Galicia (1998), I am a heedful, motivated and disciplined marketer problem-solver. Currently I am studying two university degrees simultaneously: Computer Engineering and Business Administration and Management. In addition, I work in ecommerce and in consulting and marketing for various companies. I also develop my photography and graphic design skills in different projects. Combining all these activities would be impossible without what sets me apart: my proactive attitude.

Marketing is a part of our life more than we think (even more in this technological age). Because marketing is fundamental from the initial production of a product or service to its finalsale, I draw on my graphic arts and photography background to help companies resonate with their target audience at every step of the process.

Combining all these activities would be impossible without what sets me apart: my proactive attitude.

Because I approach situations with a big-picture perspective, I help firms overcome communication challenges and find fresh ways to engage the audience. I believe approaching a problem from numerous points of view is how we find the best solution; my diverse skill set and capacity to appreciate other perspectives make me a strong problem solver.

My quick learning ability has allowed me to tackle different projects with little difficulty, key in a world that is constantly evolving. We can learn a lot by trusting experts, executing rigorous research and applying logic and lessons from the past.


  • 2016-2022

> Computer Engineering Degree

“The graduate is a professional with a complete scientific, technological and socio-economic training, which prepares him for professional practice in the development and application of information and communication technologies (ICT) in the field of Computer Science.”

> Business Management and Administration Degree

“The graduate is a professional who successfully starts in the exciting world of business, either as a professional responsible for one of the functional areas of the company, or as a manager of his own business project.”

  • 2020

> Advanced Excel Course

“This complete course is focused on learning in a practical way those Excel functionalities that are essential to be able to handle the program with ease.”

  • 2020

> Amazon FBA Freedom Ticket Course

“Helium 10 is the most complete All-In-One software solution available to Amazon sellers in the market. This is the only training that walks you through exactly how to be hugely successful on Amazon.