Miguel Rodríguez Sánchez

Born in Monforte de Lemos, Galicia (1998); heedful, motivated, and disciplined. Currently I am studying two university degrees simultaneously: Computer Engineering and Business Administration and Management. In addition, I work in an Ecommerce and in the area of Consulting and Marketing in different companies. I also develop my photography and graphic design skills in different projects. Combining all these activities would not be possible without having what makes the difference for me: attitude.

Marketing is a part of our life more than we think (even more in this technological age). In fact, it is applicable from the beginning of a production chain until the moment of selling any service or product. Therefore, I always try to apply, in many different areas of business, knowledge of graphic arts and photography from a marketing perspective.

I am a person with a great capacity for abstraction, which allows me to contribute different points of view than expected, on a critical or artistic level. This translates into avoiding mistakes and finding ways to approach the audience / customer in a more attractive way. Sometimes it is very important to face different situations from very different points of view, since a problem has infinite solutions, it is better to cover a large part of them before facing any critical decision.

My great learning capacity has allowed me to face different projects without much difficulty. In a world that evolves at such speed, it is not possible to adapt in any other way, and I love learning. Both asking people we know, looking for information, or applying concepts and lessons from the past, but above all, applying logic and common sense.


  • 2016-2022

> Computer Engineering Degree

“The graduate is a professional with a complete scientific, technological and socio-economic training, which prepares him for professional practice in the development and application of information and communication technologies (ICT) in the field of Computer Science.”

> Business Management and Administration Degree

“The graduate is a professional who successfully starts in the exciting world of business, either as a professional responsible for one of the functional areas of the company, or as a manager of his own business project.”

  • 2020

> Advanced Excel Course

“This complete course is focused on learning in a practical way those Excel functionalities that are essential to be able to handle the program with ease.”

  • 2020

> Amazon FBA Freedom Ticket Course

“Helium 10 is the most complete All-In-One software solution available to Amazon sellers in the market. This is the only training that walks you through exactly how to be hugely successful on Amazon.